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​Are you looking for jobs in IT in Cornwall? ​​​Smith & Reed has a variety of roles available within the tech sector. When you're looking for an IT Technician job in Cornwall, you want to use a trusted IT recruitment agency. Whether you’re looking for your next IT employment opportunity or you want to hire someone within the IT sector, Smith & Reed Recruitment can help. Using a trusted IT employment recruiter can help you find your perfect position or fill a role that you're trying to hire for. You can easily apply online for IT jobs or work with us to fill any of your vacancies.

What does an IT Technician do?

IT Technician job description, responsibilities, skills & qualifications

How much does an IT Technician Earn?

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Who is Smith & Reed Recruitment?

Smith & Reed is a recruitment agency in Cornwall with experience matching IT professionals with businesses and organizations across the UK. If you're looking for employment in the tech sector or you're trying to fill IT roles, we can help.​​