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​Are you looking for Shop Manager jobs? ​​​Smith & Reed has a variety of roles available within the management & executive sector. When you're looking for a Retail Manager position, you want to use a trusted executive recruitment agency. Whether you’re looking for your next executive employment opportunity or you want to hire someone within the executive sector, Smith & Reed Recruitment can help. Using a trusted executive recruiter can help you find your perfect position or fill a role that you're trying to hire for. You can easily apply online for Shop Manager jobs or work with us to fill any of your vacancies.

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What does a Shop Manager do?

Shop Managers are responsible for the daily operations of the Shop. Here are some of the key responsibilities and tasks that Shop Managers typically handle:

  1. Visual Merchandising: manage the layout and presentation of your shop so that all products are appealing to customers

  2. Customer Service: create a welcoming atmosphere in your store to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty

  3. Marketing & Sales: promote your store using various platforms including social media and collaborations

  4. Staff & Financial Management: keep your store on target and within budget guidelines based on financial reports. Aim to optimise profitability of the store whilst maintaining standards. As manager of the shop you will be responsible for hiring, training and supervising your team.

  5. Equipment & Stock Maintenance: Ensure stock levels are sufficient to meet demand, and oversee the maintenance of systems, updating and repairing where necessary.

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How much can a Shop Manager earn?

The salary of a Shop Manager in the UK can vary significantly based on several factors, including experience, location, industry, and the size and complexity of the projects they manage. Entry level candidates can expect to earn an annual salary between £20,000 - £30,000. Experienced Shop Managers, with years of experience and relevant qualifications can earn in excess of £40,000. per year.

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Who is Smith & Reed Recruitment?

Smith & Reed is a recruitment agency in Cornwall with experience matching Shop Managers with businesses and organizations across the UK. If you're looking for employment in the executive sector or you're trying to fill managerial roles, Smith & Reed recruitment can help.​​

​​Recruitment in Wigan

Welcome to one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the South West.

Established in 1980, Smith and Reed have gained a reputation for supplying a quality recruitment service to a wide range of companies in the South West, providing a diverse vacancy portfolio for individuals seeking permanent or temporary work.

We take time to fully understand each client and candidate, ensuring that each role is the perfect fit.

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How many jobs are there in Wigan?

There are plenty of employment opportunities in Wigan for people with a wide range of different skill sets.

You can explore our Wigan job postings and apply directly for any other positions you’re interested in.

Whether you're looking for a full-time, temporary, or part-time jobs in Wigan - we can help connect you with the right employer.

What types of job opportunities are available in Wigan?

Wigan offers a wide range of job opportunities, including roles in healthcare, tourism, education, marketing and tech sectors.

Can I find remote job opportunities in Wigan?

Yes, there are a number of remote or hybrid job opportunities available in Wigan, especially in tech and digital marketing fields. Check with local employers and job boards for such positions.

Is Wigan a good place to start a career?

Yes, Wigan is a great place to start a career due to its vibrant job market, diverse industries and educational institutions, making it an attractive choice for professionals.

Are there opportunities for part-time employment in Wigan?

Indeed, there are numerous part-time employment opportunities in Wigan, catering to students, working parents, and those looking for flexible work arrangements.

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