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Home vs Office - Which works best?

Posted on 27 January 2022

​The pandemic has forever changed our approach to working. Many of us have embraced the flexibility that working from home has provided us, whilst others of us yearned for the day that we could return to the office.

As the UK looks relax guidance on working from home, which works best?

Benefits of Working from Home

  1. Independence

  2. Use of technology to develop new communication skills

  3. Freedom

  4. Increased productivity

  5. Potential to widen talent pool for employers

Drawbacks of Working from Home

  1. Employees can overwork with start/finish times and breaks becoming less rigid.

  2. Staff can feel disconnected if working from home is not managed correctly.

  3. It may be difficult for staff to access the same level of technology from home.

Benefits of Working from the Office

  1. Easier to promote a specific company culture

  2. Easier for employees to make keep their work and personal lives separate

  3. Benefits of face to face communication & human connections.

Drawbacks of Working from the Office

  1. Commuting can be costly and take time out of the day, leading to increased stress levels

  2. A more rigid routine can reduce flexibility for staff

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