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Wellbeing Time - Why we should all be taking more

Posted on 27 January 2022

​The idea of wellbeing time in the workplace is in no way a novel one. Unsurprisingly, however, since the pandemic began, there has been a focus on ensuring we are all practicing looking after our physical and mental wellbeing. This is a timely shift in attitude, with work related mental health issues on the rise over the last decade.

At Smith & Reed we have introduced "Well-being Time" for all permanent staff. This allows staff members to take an afternoon or morning each month solely to dedicate to their own wellbeing. Not only has this been an opportunity for us to improve our yoga poses and try out some new quinoa recipes, it is also an important step forward for our company culture. Common unhealthy practices of 'presenteeism' [attending work when unwell] or 'leavism' [taking holiday when unwell etc.] can drain company culture and leave employees exhausted.

Well-being: Championing better work and | Smith and Reed Recruitment

By allowing staff to take time for themselves each month we start to build a better culture whereby time away from the desk is not always seen as a negative or something we should shy away from.

We have been enjoying this initiative for almost a year and have already felt the improvements. We have improved our productivity and teamworking, whist having a lot of fun. We look forward to introducing further wellbeing initiatives and building a company culture that supports all staff members in achieving their own wellness goals!

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