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Interviews - Top Tips for Candidates

Posted on 01 February 2022

Top Interview Tips

You have applied for your role, submitted your CV to your recruitment consultant and the employer now wants to see you. All that remains between you and your dream job is - the interview.

It can feel like a high pressure situation with many jobseekers becoming nervous and stressed at the interview stage. But it does not have to be this way!

Take a look at our top tips to give yourself the best shot at success and the confidence to smash your interview!

Preparation is Key!

To be prepared it helps to know what you interviewer will be assessing you on. Every company and interview will be different but there are common attributes that employers look for at the interview stage:

  1. Your personal qualities and attributes

  2. Your ability to express yourself

  3. Your enthusiasm and motivation

To give yourself the best shot at being successful you can do the following to ensure you are prepared as possible:

  1. Re-read your CV - analyse your own CV. Which questions would you ask yourself? This may help you prepare for the more awkward questions that come up in the interview.

  2. Be familiar with the job description - take some time to ask yourself, "What makes me the right person for this role?".

  3. Plan how you will get to the interview and what you will wear - Ensure you have plenty of time and that you dress appropriately.

  4. Research your employer - review the companies website & recent news publications to gain an overview of its internal and external environment.

The Big Day

Arrive on time!

It might sound simple, but arriving on time can make a big difference to both you and your potential employer.


  1. Being at the interview site 10-15 minutes early will help calm your nerves and make you feel more at ease in the environment.

  2. The time spent in the reception area will give you a chance to gain insight into the company you are about to interview for. You may be able to read publications about the employer or the industry they operate in.

  3. Clearly it send a positive signal to your potential employer that you are organised.

Make a good first impression!

You may have heard this thousands of times before, but first impressions do count! Making a good first impression will give the interviewer confidence that you will be able to fit into the team.

Easy ways to make that all important good first impression:

  1. Smile and show your sense of humour - this will give your interview more confidence that you can fit into the team

  2. Make good eye contact - strong eye contact gives the impression of confidence, something that employers look for as part of your personal qualities

  3. Shake hands

  4. Maintain good body language throughout - sit upright and be confident in yourself, use your hands when making points.

Showcase your experience

Use examples of previous successes to answer questions from your interviewer. This will help the interview see that you can work well practically as well as on paper.

​Ask questions!

Asking questions shows that you are motivated an enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for this company. Make sure questions are relevant.

Be yourself!

Remember that the interview is a two sided process. You also need to make sure the company is the right fit for you.

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