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Supporting Transition by embracing Diversity

Posted on 03 March 2022

Supporting Transition by embracing Diversity


The COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting impacts on the employment sector. Some industries will die out, whilst new one’s will be created, forcing workers to transition from one industry to another.


Whilst this a difficult challenge faced by todays leaders, organisations should take this as an opportunity to re assess how they recruit, and look to embrace diversity. Traditional recruitment follows a skills based approach, where candidates with the same knowledge, skills and experience are hired for the same role. This is an intuitive way to ensure the role is carried out by an individual who is obviously best placed to carry it out. This would also make sense when building a team, correct? If I have a team of the most highly skilled candidates then I am best placed for success. This is a simple and flawed approach. It is an idea explored by Matthew Syed in his fantastic ‘Rebel Ideas’. The real strength of a team comes from its diversity in knowledge, skills and experience. And the strength of a leader is creating an environment and culture that is inclusive of this diversity.


As we emerge from this pandemic we are presented with an opportunity to hire from different sectors, by taking a more value based approach. We can assess a candidates values and beliefs to ensure they align with your companies, to build a team of diverse minds all pulling together for the same cause.

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