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  • Rebecca Richardson
    Rebecca Richardson
    Director / Permanent Consultant

    Becky started at Smith and Reed back in 1892 (or at least it feels that way!).As the longest standing team member, she brings an abundance of indus...

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  • Danielle Hubbard Assoc CIPD
    Danielle Hubbard Assoc CIPD
    Director / Permanent Consultant

    ​After joining Smith and Reed over 10 years ago, Danielle has established excellent knowledge of both temporary and permanent recruitment across ma...

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  • Harrison Bamber-Jones
    Harrison Bamber-Jones
    Director / Finance Manager

    Harrison’s thirst for knowledge, diverse insight and motivational approach are key elements within our business structure.Since joining Smith and R...

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  • Elliot Bamber-Jones ACCA
    Elliot Bamber-Jones ACCA
    Director / Financial Controller

    After almost 5 years of ACCA studies, Elliot is without a doubt the financial brains behind the business. Whilst not a front facing team member, hi...

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  • Kim Moey
    Kim Moey
    Office and Compliance Manager

    ​Also known as our ‘bacon saver’, Kim has been with Smith and Reed for almost a decade, supporting the team with resourcing, admin and office manag...

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  • Kirra Graham
    Kirra Graham
    Senior Account Manager

    Kirra is the Senior Recruitment Consultant at Smith and Reed, successfully managing the temporary division and supporting businesses with their sho...

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  • Kelly Costea
    Kelly Costea
    Finance Assistant

    ​Kelly is our cool calm and collected payroll queen and resident coffee addict! There isn’t a coffee she hasn’t tried, tested and reviewed! She jo...

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  • Aston Kent
    Aston Kent
    Business Development / Account Manager

    ​Aston is an integral part of our thriving Temporary Division and here to support you with any planned, or short notice, Temporary staffing needs t...

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  • Gus
    Big Office Dog

    ​The hungry one.Spends 99% of his time hiding from the 'big' bad Chihuahua and stealing food from the bins. Don’t let his loud, deep bark scare you...

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  • Ted
    Small Office Dog

    ​The naughty one.His day consists of terrorising Gus, crying loudly until somebody cuddles him, terrorising Gus, enjoying zoomies, terrorising Gus....

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  • Digger
    CHO ( Chief Happiness Officer)

    ​Digger has recently joined the team, whilst being the youngest member he brings lots of energy to the office.In his role as Chief happiness Offic...

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