Gender Pay Gap report

 Gender Pay Gap Report 2021-22

As Smith and Reed Recruitment (SW) Limited employs more than 250 people, we are required by law to report on our Gender Pay Gap. The results from this report are published on our website and submitted to the Government;

SMITH & REED RECRUITMENT (SW) LIMITED gender pay gap data for 2021-22 reporting year - GOV.UK - GOV.UK (

These statistics below are presented at the snapshot date of 5th April 2021.

Difference In Hourly Rates

Mean Gap

The mean hourly rate is the average hourly wage across the entire company. The mean gender pay gap is a measure of the difference between women's mean hourly wage and men's hourly wage. 

Our Mean Gap = -3.9% (women's mean hourly rate is 3.9% higher than men's)

Median Gap

The median hourly rate is calculated by ranking all employees from the highest paid to the lowest paid and taking the hourly wage of the person in the middle. The median gender pay gap is the difference between women's median hourly wage (middle paid woman) and men's median hourly wage (middle paid man).

Our Median Gap = 2.9% (women's median hourly rate is 2.9% lower than men's)

Proportion Of Woman In Each Pay Quartile

Pay quartiles are calculated by splitting all employees in an organisation into four even groups according to their level of pay. Looking at the proportion of women in each quartile gives an indication of women's representation at different levels of the organisation. 

Who Received Bonus Pay

9.1% of women 

3.8% of men 

Difference in Bonus Pay

-Women's mean bonus pay is 12.10% lower than men's 

-Women's median bonus pay is 38.1% lower than men's 


We confirm that Smith and Reed Recruitment (SW) Ltd's pay gap data has been collected and presented within this report in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 

Elliot Bamber - Jones

Financial Controller