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AWR Details Request Form

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) were introduced in 2011 as a measure to protect agency workers, by granting them the same rights as comparable workers, once their 12 week qualifying period is completed. In order for us to remain compliant we are required to gather certain information from you regarding the pay & conditions that apply to comparable workers within your organisation. The information required is laid out for you in the form below.

Please could you complete the below form to provide any relevant information regarding the placement of the job role below. The information you provide will apply once the worker has completed the 12 week qualifying period. We will monitor and make you aware of any workers who qualify, so you don’t need to worry about it.

What is a  comparable worker?

A comparable worker is another employee doing the same job or broadly similar work to the agency worker. This entitlement applies to both part time and full time workers within the business (even if located elsewhere).

You may also find any useful information on the governments:

AWR Guidance

*Please note: It is your responsibility to make Smith and Reed aware of any changes to the above information.  Failure to supply changes in pay and/or conditions may result in you becoming non-compliant under AWR legislation.